Zwanie Jonson

Zwanie Jonson is a German songwriter who sings, plays the instruments and then records that....

..and he likes coffee and cigarettes


DJ Koze 2007 Hoobert:

Dear friends,

one Sunday Zwanie gave me a CD with the inscription: "Zwanie Songs 1998 - 2006".

A compilation of some of his songs.

Just for listening.

I was immediately enchanted by the sweetness and beauty of these songs.

For over a year this CD accompanied me on my travels through foreign countries and with every listening these wonderful songs grew and grew.

Unlike with so much other music, I did not have to drink it up. No, these songs were enchanting, timeless and special.

At the latest when my girlfriend asked for the third time: "What is that beautiful again?", when Zwaniesongs sounded in my random loop, a thought ripened in me:

"The world needs Zwanie!"

All right, enough praise.

I don't want Zwanie to go through the ceiling and end up dancing on my nose. He must stay hot, because with him I still want to make real money!

I wish you, dear friends, now a nice time with my friend Zwanie Jonson...

DJ Koze,

Hamburg, St. Georg in January 2007